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One day, you decide to open a business. Whether it’s internet based, a stand-alone office site, or in a strip mall, you will find something new every single day that you need or want.  As time passes, you eventually realize you also need a better way to accept payments. Cash and checks do not work on the internet, and there’s too much involved accepting checks at your business location. So, you go to the internet and see what’s available.

You find online and discover retail solutions you’ve never heard of. Welcome to merchant services, the safe, quick, and secure way to accept payment from anywhere and everywhere. Even if you’re a pet groomer who drives from house to house, you can accept payment on the spot. Lawn maintenance payment?  No problem.  If your client has a credit card, you can accept their payment. With ARX Payment Services, you can accept every possible form of payment making your customer service experience even better. They’re happy and you’re happy. No more bounced checks and Insufficient Funds notifications. You’ll know on the spot.

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Savings Tips

ARX As a Leader in Merchant Services

ARX is a boutique merchant services company that has been operating in Orlando, Florida for over 20 years. They specialize in innovative means of retail and ecommerce merchant systems from credit card and mobile payment processing, to POS terminal and devices and other payment services. Well known for their high-end transaction process solutions, they are leaders in the business and rise above their competition.


The industry of merchant services continues to expand as business and retail becomes more accessible for many people; from entrepreneurs, to companies branching out to online sales. This means that there are many contenders looking to sell their retail transaction process solutions, so to be a leader in this area requires exceptional service. With decades of merchant service experience, ARX provides their transaction services to various businesses from small local stores to large online companies.


The ‘boutique’ aspect of this firm means that ARX can develop unique, personalised pricing models for each client. Customers will save money in obtaining the perfect solution for their business, without having to purchase more than they need. This means that POS terminals can be as simple or complex as needed for the transaction process, with as many devices they need for the size of their company. Customers will save on processing fees with ARX’s price model that is affordable and beyond their competitor’s offerings.


If you are looking for a merchant payment system for your business, then you can get a no-cost audit from ARX to assess the perfect mode of pricing and technology for you. Contact the firm today to see how you can expand and grow your business.

Savings Tips

Choosing a POS System for Your Business

Payment in a trade with contact-less card. Top view,vertical composition

Choosing a POS System for your business can be a time consuming activity with so many options available. To make this process easier, we recommend ARX Payment Services.  ARX Payment Services offers many services that set it apart from other merchant services solutions.


Competitive Pricing Model
ARX Payment Services works with their clients to ensure that they qualify for the lowest processing rates possible for the size of their business and the industry that they are a part of.


Always Available
Clients are always welcome to contact ARX Payment Services when they have questions. ARX Payment Services is always available to discuss maintaining low costs for accepting credit cards, preventing fraud, online reporting features, and how the client can take advantage of all of the tools available to them. Each client also receives a dedicated service representative to take care of any individual needs that may arise. ARX Payment Services believes that the customer always comes first, and it shows.


Virtual Terminal
ARX Payment Services offers an online platform to accept card and check payments online. The benefits of this service include not requiring any installation and e-commerce support. Furthermore, Virtual Terminal uses security protocols such as AVS and CVV2 to ensure that a customer’s personal information is secure during each stage of a transaction. Other features of Virtual Terminal include recurring billing, processing electronic checks, and compatibility with QuickBooks.


Mobile Payments
Consumers today are busy, so the opportunity to make a sale anywhere is important, especially to small businesses. With ARX Payment Services, transactions can be made using iOS or Android devices without a limit on monthly transaction volume. There are no additional fees for mobile transactions, they utilize encryption during each stage of the transaction, and include features like inventory control.


Electronic Check Processing
Save time and money with the ability to process checks electronically and avoid having to make deposits at the bank. ARX Payment Services also offers reporting features which give businesses an overview of recent transaction processing history.


POS Retail Solutions
ARX Payment Services offers a POS device to fit any business. They are capable of accepting almost every type of payment, including Apple Pay and Android Pay. Their EMV Smart Terminals meet the EMV Standard that is gaining popularity in the United States and features batch reporting and a fast thermal printer. The Mobile Checkout POS works to process sales from anywhere on iOS or Android devices while still offering the features of a traditional POS system.


To learn more about ARX Payment Services, visit their website at

Savings Tips

Benefits of Accepting Mobile Payments

Credit Card on Computer Keyboard – 3d rendered with shallow DOF

One of the fastest growing payment trends is consumer adoption of mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.  Every business should be making efforts to ensure that their company is ready to receive payments from these consumer mobile payments solutions.

Increased Security and Privacy

Both Apple Pay and Android Pay feature multiple layers of protection to ensure that consumer data is secure through each part of a transaction.  Both services utilized encrypted NFC technology to connect to a cash register before generating a unique security code for each transaction.  Merchant’s never have access to a customer’s name or credit card number. This allows business and consumers to breathe easy knowing that their personal data is safe and secure from hackers.

You Already Have Equipment To Accept It

In order to accept payments from Apple Pay or Android Pay, a business needs payment terminals that support contactless transactions with NFC.  Due to the EMV standard introduced in the United States, most businesses already have payment terminals that are also capable of accepting NFC transactions.  To learn more about whether or not your payment terminal is compatible with Apple Pay or Android Pay, contact your payment processor.

Simpler Payments for Customers

Both Apple Pay and Android Pay streamline the payment process. Customers can store all of their credit cards within the app, then choose which credit card to use for each transaction.

Payments can be made without the need for customers to even open their wallet, allowing for faster and easier transactions. The advantage to businesses who accept these payments systems include saving time and being able to control the entire payment process with one system.

E-Commerce and In-Store Transaction Parity

Apple Pay and Android Pay allow consumers to use the same system for online orders as in-store orders. This allows customers to easily make online transactions with the same simplicity as an order made in-store.  Small businesses should make efforts to incorporate these payment solutions in order to simplify the online shopping options for their customers.

Works With Your Rewards Programs

Both Android Pay and Apple Pay work with rewards cards to further encourage customers to shop at your business.

Let Customers Know You Accept Apple Pay and Android Pay

Let your customers know that you accept mobile payment solutions by downloading the Apple Pay and Android Pay decals to use with your company emails, your website, and in stores.

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