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ARX As a Leader in Merchant Services

ARX is a boutique merchant services company that has been operating in Orlando, Florida for over 20 years. They specialize in innovative means of retail and ecommerce merchant systems from credit card and mobile payment processing, to POS terminal and devices and other payment services. Well known for their high-end transaction process solutions, they are leaders in the business and rise above their competition.


The industry of merchant services continues to expand as business and retail becomes more accessible for many people; from entrepreneurs, to companies branching out to online sales. This means that there are many contenders looking to sell their retail transaction process solutions, so to be a leader in this area requires exceptional service. With decades of merchant service experience, ARX provides their transaction services to various businesses from small local stores to large online companies.


The ‘boutique’ aspect of this firm means that ARX can develop unique, personalised pricing models for each client. Customers will save money in obtaining the perfect solution for their business, without having to purchase more than they need. This means that POS terminals can be as simple or complex as needed for the transaction process, with as many devices they need for the size of their company. Customers will save on processing fees with ARX’s price model that is affordable and beyond their competitor’s offerings.


If you are looking for a merchant payment system for your business, then you can get a no-cost audit from ARX to assess the perfect mode of pricing and technology for you. Contact the firm today to see how you can expand and grow your business.